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as if anyone cares when your birthday is
bearswitness wrote in asgardeventide
I hope you all plan to start laughing and crying soon. Apparently that's what's expected of us and I don't know about the rest of you but I hate it here already. So get to it. Maybe they'll send us back sooner.

Or maybe they won't. Has anyone seen a bench I could wait all this out on? By a window maybe. I would prefer cushions if it's going to be over 7 years, but stone will do.

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Only laughing and crying?

That's what the letter said yes.

Surely there are other emotions that would do just as well.

I'm the wrong person to ask seeing as I neither set the rules nor care to learn them properly.

From which house do you hail from?

Are everyone from Hel as uncaring about the rules?

Do I look like everyone from Hel to you?

You look like a group of words.

Well I can assure you I'm not and you'd better aim your question elsewhere.

Another one, then.

Do you give everyone else as much difficulty with questions?

Only when they're stupid questions.

You have stringent judgments, Witness.

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