...don't wake me.

There's silence at the start of the feed, then finally a quiet rustle of fabric. It's fairly late at night for talking, but Cloud's voice is low anyway. ]

...Do you ever feel like...some of the gray in the city, got inside you?

DAY CHANGE // Day 19 (January 9th-10th)
golden hall
Weather: Clear skies; 32F/0C
Events: It sure is getting chilly out there. Maybe it'll start snowing again soon! There don't seem to be any clouds, though...

((Ooc: Woah! Sorry about falling so far behind on those Day Changes guys! And thanks for bearing with us!))

α͵ | video
[It was difficult to determine if the Servant in black fully knew the device around her wrist was recording her. Frankly, it was on the bottom of her list of priorities at the moment, but Rider did have the feeling something was watching. After all, she couldn't just revert to spirit form and hide herself away. Her fingertips softly touch the visor that hid her eyes from the world, and all she felt was the metal. No trace of magic could be found in the object that was once a Noble Phantasm. At least, no magic that she could feel.]

[Also, there was no magic from her eyes beneath.]


[No emotion could be traced in her voice from that one word, and her overall silence left much to be desired. Her senses had been considerably dulled. to the point of being almost human. Only the hands of Gods contained such power, but the timing remained the most suspicious. The War could not have ended so abruptly, not without her knowledge. Was she called away before she could complete her task? If so, then what could these Gods possibly want with a Servant that required such urgency?]

[This place makes her uneasy to say the least.]

Oh. [The device. Lifting her wrist, Rider examined the bracelet carefully. So it was recording her. Taking it back wouldn't work...should she say something?]

Is there anyone listening who is familiar with Fuyuki City? Some sort familiarity would be welcomed at such a time. [A list of those she wished to name remained on the tip of her tongue, but she bit back those names. Without proper knowledge of who was a Servant in this city, revealing too much would be dangerous. They don't need a list of targets.]

ღ 001 ღ Video ღ
[Alice's first thought upon stepping out of the arrival room was that this place was nothing like the Abyss or Oz’s world. Her second thought had been to get to Oz, because that damned sewer rat and Leo had clearly gone insane, thinking to take her Oz, just like that!

Her third thought had been one of muted panic, because she didn’t even know if they were even here in this world.

She fumbles with the bracelet a bit, throws it against a building twice before she finally figures out how to get the weird picture thing to pop up when you pushed the jewel. Aaaand no sooner had she managed to get the video function working before she flicks long chestnut locks over a shoulder before narrowing violet eyes at the weird device.

She draws a slow breath... then simply explodes.]

Oz! Where is Oz! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH OZ?! I'll kill the wretched fools like lambs at the slaughter! You hear me you damned sewer-rat?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH OZ, YOU WRETCHED PSYCHO BASKERVILLE?!

2nd hunt ♟ accidental voice
♬ ramble on
[Dean is still trying to master the weird jewelry-based communication device, and while his original intention was to call his brother to bitch, the call ends up as public.]

Charm? What kind of crap superpower is that? I was already charming back home! I could charm the pants off a girl any night of the week. Hell, I could charm the pants off two girls at once when I really hit my groove. Why do you get something awesome like fire magic or whatever while I get squat?

[There's a distinct pause while he waits for a reply, until he realizes—

The sound of things being knocked over plays over the more distant final remark of] 
GOD I freakin' HATE this place.

Second Sword||002 - Video
Arturia {娘子} Can I Punch You Now?
[She stood, wondering where exactly she could go to find what she needed. She looked at the device in her hand, not entirely sure how to use it....and then up again with a kind of glower]

Tea. Where in this world can I find tea?

♥ video ;
「 ✿ 」 first time falling in love
Happy New Year, everyone! It's already that time again, huh?

Did everyone have a good time at the festival? I sure did. [Rise beams for the camera] It's been some time since we all showed up here and it's felt pretty comfortable so far, hasn't it? People have been friendly and there's a lot to see and do. Between enjoying the snow and having a good time, it's pretty nice! Maybe it helps that I have some friends from home here, but it feels like I'm already getting used to this city.

I didn't realize it was so close to new years when I got here though! Time works differently here; that still throws me off sometimes. I didn't even have time to send out cards. But hey, it's a new beginning here in Asgard and that means it's time for lots of new "firsts".

You know what I mean, right? [She smiles knowingly but it's not nearly as naughty as you think or is it???] The first sunrise of the year, your first dream of the year...

The first... kiss. [Rise giggles mischievously into the camera, though from her tone it seems like she's thinking of someone specifically but i don't know who that could be] -Or the first update of the year! The new year really is a time of starting over. So I hope you all have a good one, and let's do our best this year too!

one l video
is a lame guy
[ When Battler first appears on the feed ] …. W, What the Hell is this?! … I don’t know what kind of weird trick that damn witch is up to now, but I can’t really stick around here. I have a game to go back to!

Though, isn't this still Rokkenjima...? [ He pauses before grinning ] Hey, Beato! You've shown me magic that was much more awesome and impressive than this! Is this the best you can do? Weirder letters then usual? An illusion of an entire new setting...? Ahh, it's useless, it's all useless! Even this twisted and weird place can be explained by human means!

But, if this is another one of your weird challenges--then, sure. I’ll play. This kind of tasteless prank definitely suites you perfectly.

[ video ] ⚡ [ backdated to day 12 ]
the side of truth
[ It's almost evening, and though it seems the serious-looking woman in this video feed is in public - her back pressed to a wall that might be familiar to those observant enough to recognize the area around the city's central castle, her face flushed from the ambient cold - this particular message is very private.

As in, private to the entire populace- except the other 'traveller' who shares her face and name. Yes, Lightning actually went through the entire list, picking people one by one and completely disregarding how long it took her to do so. She means business. ]

I think it's pretty clear by now everyone's been stripped down 'power'-wise, but is there anybody who can still do something not handed down by these gods?

[ She takes a breath, annoyed. Addressing a lot of people at once, in so many words, really isn't her thing, but she's damn determined. Even though there's been others trying to do their own information-gathering, of course, she needs to make these specific questions very clear and get some solid answers before it drives her crazy. ]

Otherwise, is there any power here that lets its user imitate others? Anything at all.

[ And with that, she waits, trying to hold back her poor mood and any second guessing over what she should and shouldn't have said. What the video doesn't show so well is just how armed and stiff she is while going out now, caught up in her suspicion.

However, it isn't long before she finally decides to start heading 'home' again- to terrorize the poor people unfortunate enough to share a House with her. ]

3 [Text]
Mapping things out.
Hey, everyone.

A lot of people have been asking questions about the gods -- specifically, where they come from and what their back-stories are. I've written up a quick synopsis of what I know about them from the myths in my world, along with what powers I've heard the other houses have.

You can download the attachment here.

If you have any information or questions about what I've written, I'd like to hear them, along with any experiences you've had in both your own world and this one about the gods. You can send me any questions or comments to my inbox or contact me now -- I'm still awake.


-- Sam.


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